Welcome to Lincoln Glen -- A Caring Community for Seniors

Sunflowers offer a cheerful welcome to Lincoln Glen Manor

NESTLED AMONG SIX ACRES in San Jose's Willow Glen neighborhood, Lincoln Glen Manor is dedicated to enhancing the lives of seniors by providing four levels of care.

Conceived in 1965 by the Lincoln Glen Church Congregation, Lincoln Glen Manor was built in 1969. At that time, the community felt a responsibility to care for their seniors. Thus, the concept of Lincoln Glen Manor was instituted as a caring community for seniors adjacent to Lincoln Glen Church. Today, Lincoln Glen Manor provides four levels of care for seniors.

Perhaps you are a senior citizen desiring to scale down your lifestyle from a large family home to a cozy caring community? Or maybe you are at the stage of life where you require a little help with daily activities? Possibly you are in the need of daily nursing care? Perhaps your loved one is struggling with Alzheimer's Disease or dementia? Whatever your stage of life, Lincoln Glen Manor is the optimum choice for enhancing the lives of seniors by providing independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing care.

New resource for seniors: Vision Center - Aging and Eyesight

Vision: Aging and Eyesight

Have you thought about eyesight and how it changes through the years? Here's some information from the Vision Center that you'll find useful as you notice changes in vision over the years. "According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 12 million people 40 years and over in the US have vision impairment. 1 million are blind, 3 million have vision impairment after correction, and 8 million have vision impairment due to uncorrected refractive error. Many changes take place in our eyes as we get older. Common conditions due to age include, presbyopia, cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration.

"Vision Center is an informational web guide created for those seeking vision related information and other vision correction options. All content published on Vision Center is researched, written, and edited by licensed optometrists, experienced journalists, and other medical writers in the industry. All pages on our website are fact-based and sourced from recent scientific research, scholarly articles, textbooks, government agencies, and medical journals. Our website also does not host any form of advertisement."

Here's a link to the Vision Center website that addresses the needs of seniors who want to find out more.

Lincoln Glen Continuing Care Residence Program

We are proud to report that Lincoln Glen has been certified as a California Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). This special long-term Seniors thrive in a caring community at Lincoln Glencare certificate from the State of California requires providers such as Lincoln Glen to offer a range of senior care including housing and residential services as well as a Skilled Nursing License that support seniors for a lifetime.

To learn about Lincoln Glen Continuing Care Retirement Community requirements and services please contact our office at (408) 265-3222.

In addition, you can findour latest 2019 financial documents on our website at the Community Life tab on the Continuing Care page.

Classes and activities are funSpecial activities At Lincoln Glen

Shopping for You! Lincoln Glen Manor is proud to offer a new program for residents who need help shopping. Starting on Monday, January 13th, 2020, the Activities Department will begin shopping for you when your are unable to get around or just need an extra hand. We'll need your shopping list on Mondays (or other regular workdays if needed) and we'll deliver the items within the week or we'll let you know if it will take longer.

Shopping List Day: Mondays
Location: Activities Department
Delivery Date: Within a week unless the item is not available

Click this link for a flyer on the new project.

There's always something to do at Lincoln Glen! Each month you'll want to sign up for some favorite programs. We always hope you'll find something interesting, fun and engaging to do.

Weekly Events and Programs:

Sundays: We offer a selection of movies from our movie cart. There are plenty of choices. You can enjoy both vintage and current movie favorites.

Weekly Activities: Residents can plan to join our exercise classes each morning. Other offers include bingo, games and DIY craft making events. Be sure to check in with the Activities Department and check the calendars that you can find at this link.

Quality Recognition Award Lincoln Glen Nursing Facility receives award

We are proud to announce that Lincoln Glen Nursing Facility has been awarded the American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living Quality Certificate for meeting Tier 4 Initiative goals for 2020. This is the highest achievement level for this program. We are proud of our staff, leadership and our commitment to the community that depends on us for their health and safety.

This prestigious award goes to Nursing and Assisted Living facilities that meet standards for one or more quality initiatives. Lincoln Glen has successfully addressed the four top tier quality initiatives. For information on this achievement please follow this link.

  • Hospitalization: Safely reduce long-stay and short-stay hospitalizations by at least 10% since Q1 2017, or maintain a rate of 10% or less.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Improve long-stay or short-stay satisfaction by 10% since Q1 2017, or achieve a rate of greater than 90%.
  • Antipsychotics: Safely reduce the off-label use of antipsychotics by at least 10% since Q1 2017, or maintain a rate of 8% or less among long-stay residents and 1% or less among short-stay patients.
  • Functional Outcomes: Improve short-stay functional improvement or long-stay worsening mobility by 15% - or maintain greater than 75% on short-stay functional improvement or maintain less than 12% on long-stay worsening mobility.

To review the award certificate and letter, please click this link.

Seniors SmilingThinking about Getting Some Help? What type of Care do you Need?

Three out of four people over age 65 will need some form of long term care services during their lifetime. For the best outcome, it’s important to identify the most appropriate setting to serve the specific needs of each individual.

Ranging from in-home care to memory care to skilled nursing, the contiuum of care available to seniors offers the help, safety and support each person requires for their specific needs abilities and wishes. To see a description of the options and choices available please download your own copy of " Understanding the Continuum of Care."

To review some other helpful resources, please take a moment to visit our Resources page at this link.

Nursing Staff Celebrating a Resident's birthdayLooking for Work? Check our job listings to see if we have new jobs.

If you are looking for a job, please consider Lincoln Glen. We have a wide variety of job titles and opportunities for a caring person who enjoys working with seniors. Including a range of jobs from administrative staff, landscaping, nursing staff of all kinds, recreation and activity workers to leadership positions, we seek employees who can commit to the long-haul. Our employees are reliable, responsible and have cared for our residents for years. Our staff longevity has created not just a senior facility, but a family, a community of caring. All of these factors have earned Lincoln Glen Manor the reputation of offering compassionate skilled care. Many of our staff have been with us for a lifetime.

Click on the Employment link in the left-hand menu. In this section you will find a link to current Job Openings and another link named, "How to Apply."

Please feel free to pass this information to your friends and family-members who may be looking for work.

Looking for Ways to Volunteer at Lincoln Glen?

Lincoln Glen Activities Department introduces a new program for our volunteers. Tables set for Mother's Day teaWe offer many special events to residents each year. Now, it's easier than ever to volunteer. We've joined iVolunteer Online, a new service that lets you sign up for the job of your choice. The iVolunteer Online program lists upcoming Lincoln Glen activities, lets you select a volunteer job, and sends a confirmation email to you and to our Activities department. It's easy and we believe it will help you connect with us and keep us connected with you, as well.

We have added the iVolunteer Online link to the Volunteer web page here on our website. On the volunteer page please click on the iVolunteer Online link and you will find a list of events that need your support. At the iVolunteer Online-Lincoln Glen page you may select the volunteer jobs you would like. Once you've selected an event and a job, you'll receive a confirmation email.

NOTE: Before using the new program, all our volunteers complete Orientation and the application process. Thanks for volunteering!

Videos that Showcase the Lincoln Glen Community of Care

Residents of the Lincoln Glen Community find so much to do, friends to enjoy and staff who care deeply.

Please click on the links below to watch videos that explain the Lincoln Glen Community:

These videos may take a minute before they start.