Certified Nursing Assistant

Status: Full Time and Part Time Positions. Healthcare and matching retirement fund available. New graduates welcome!

Availability: 4-2 schedule. This is a full-time position regularly requiring long hours and frequent weekend work.

Reports to: Director of Nursing/RN/LVN charge

Summary/Objectives –
Personal Qualifications:

Neat and clean appearing, courteous. Good personal habits. Must be able to pass physical examination upon employment and annually thereafter, and have no handicap which would preclude the performance of the job. Have an empathy and understanding of physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the elderly.

Essential Functions:

  1. To give personal care and attention to patients, such as
    1. Assist with bathing and dressing.
    2. Assist patients to dining room and back as necessary
    3. Assist in dining room: cutting food, serving food. etc.
    4. Assist in keeping patients’ rooms and belongings neat and clean.
    5. Assist with admission of patients.
    6. Bed making.
    7. Be able to take temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure and weights, S&As when requested to do so
    8. Encourage and accompany patients to house activities, as needed.
    9. Escort patients to and from Beauty/Barber Shop.
    10. Make daily notes on patients’ flow sheet.
    11. Keep work areas clean and neat.
    1. Perform other related duties as assigned.
    2. To interact on a 1-1 basis with patients, trying to understand their physical, mental and spiritual needs.
    3. To attend in-service when scheduled and upgrade knowledge regarding gerontology by reading and discussion.


    1. Personal Appearance
      1. Clean uniforms
      2. No sweaters while caring for patients
      3. Clean Shoes!
      4. Name tags
    2. Patient’s Rights
      1. Permission for moving, etc.
      2. Transfer/discharges with planning
      3. No coercion or threats (assault)
    3. Safety
      1. Signal lights at bedside (Roca and Hetts)
      2. Glass top tables
      3. Plastic waste baskets
      4. Items on top of TVs.
    4. Sanitation
      1. Tooth brushes out on shelf over basin
      2. Bar, soap being left in showers
      3. Shower caps over drinking cups
      4. Kleenex on floor
      5. Cleaning of commodes - clean after every use. Use utility room hopper
      6. Night aide to clean thoroughly 1 X week
    5. Beds
      1. Please move bed when making
      2. Turn sheet over blanket at top
      3. Tuck in at bottom
      4. Cover mattresses with spread
    6. Flow Sheet
      1. Not neat.
      2. Remember to sign any problems with new flow sheet, BM, charting baths


    Experience and Education

    1. Hold a state certificate for Nursing Assistants in long term care.
    2. Knowledge of nursing practices and materials and equipment relating to patient care and their application.