Losing a Spouse or Parent

You may be overwhelmed with grief right now. You may want to leave the administrative matters for a later day. But there are notifications and legal steps that should not be postponed.

Make Funeral and burial arrangements.

Obtain several copies of the death certificate.

Gather relevant documents, such as the will, insurance policies, trusts, and stock, bank account and annuity statements.

Contact the Social Security Administration (if the deceased was an eligible recipient).

Send a notification and death certificate to the director of health services (if the deceased was a Medi-Cal recipient) within 90 days after the death.

Notify any life insurance companies of the death.

Contact the trustee of any trust and/or the attorney who prepared it.

Contact the executor of the will and/or the attorney who prepared it.

Call the administrator of the decedent’s pension plan.

Notify the decedent’s banks and financial institutions.

Contact credit card companies.

Be sure that insurance or Medicare claims have been processed before paying any medical bills.