2015 Excellence In Programming Awards Award Recipients:

award Winner 1:

Carmel Mountain Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center

Description of Chart provided by Recipient

Chart header: Carmel Mountain Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center
San Diego, CA
June 21, 2015

Description of Problem: Towards the later part of 2014 Carmel Mountain Rehab began to see an increase in nursing staff turnover, particularly RNs working in our subacute unit. We also noticed an increased number of staff call-ins from our nursing staff.

Graph description: First graph that shows Nursing Staff Turnover (RN, LVN and CNA staff) decreasing in 2008 to 20% in 2012, then leveling through the next year, but starting to climb sharply to 60% in 2014.

Graph description: The second graph shows RN turnover alone decreasing from 2008 with 80% turnover through 2012 with about 20% turnover and then sharply increasing by 2014 to just over 60% turnover.

Project Name:

Nursing Staff Turnover Reduction through Empowerment and Team Collaboration
Carmel Mountain Rehabilitation Healthcare Center,
San Diego

Description of Staff Development Project and Outcomes

In a program that become a case study for the CAHF Leadership Academy, this facility confronted the problem of increasing turnover among the nursing staff, especially among subacute RNs. A low turnover rate ensures continuity of care from day to day, and reducing call-ins provides a stable workforce with predictable administration of care.

Since February 2015, by focusing on communication among lead staff and giving them a voice in decision-making, overall nursing staff turnover was reduced by 10 percent. As of July nursing staff call-ins have been reduced by 55 percent.

Award Winner 2:

Lincoln Glen Nursing Center, San Jose, CA

Description of photos:

Description of photos of Seniors Visiting Haunted House, having photos taken in front of a large image of an old 3 story house projected onto the wall. Seniors wearing costume hats, rainbow colored clown wig, Navy commander hat, witch's hat. 

Description of the project:

The activities staff created the Haunted House as a way to do something not normally associated with a nursing facility. The purpose was for residents to enjoy Halloween, and, in addition, to enjoy a sensory experience. This first-time event attracted 50 residents, many family members, two volunteers and 15 staff and cost $100 or less.

Award Winner 3:

Oak Valley Care Center, Oakdale, CA

Alarm Free Fall Prevention

Our use of alarms had created a loud, institution-like environment. After attending the 2013 CAHF Quality Symposium on fall prevention, we were inspired to improve the quality of life of our residents by preventing falls. A small interdisciplinary team met monthly to look for opportunities to reduce alarms, which were in use on 30 residents. The idea grew to an all-facility project implementing a resident-centered approach to fall prevention. Alarms had given staff a false since of security. As we reduced alarms we placed a greater emphasis on resident-centered care. With a new focus on residents, we noticed a significant reduction in falls and a more therapeutic, home-like environment. An unexpected benefit was the pride our staff felt as we improved the quality of our resident’s lives.

The program was fully implemented on Jan. 1, 2015. Six months later, the last alarm was removed even while falls were reduced by 46 percent.