Nursing Care

When You can no longer Take Care of Yourself

Skilled Nursing Facility

Lincoln Glen Nursing Facility, Always a Step Ahead

Lincoln Glen Nursing Facility is a church-sponsored non-profit organization dedicated to serving seniors (65 and older) who can no longer care for themselves.

Lincoln Glen Nursing Facility is the third entity in the Lincoln Glen Manor community. After Lincoln Glen Manor Independent Living was built, residents felt a caring and compassionate nursing facility was necessary to meet the needs of their senior community. Thus, Lincoln Glen Nursing Facility was conceived in 1977 and a more complete caring community for seniors was established.

Consisting of 59 beds, Lincoln Glen Nursing Facility is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by a licensed and certified nursing staff. Rooms are private and semi-private with no more than two residents per semi-private room. The entire facility including resident rooms is carpeted which adds to Lincoln Glen Nursing Facility's comfort and charm. Each room has a television with Dish Network Television service. Resident care is provided by licensed nurses supervising three care stations each assigned a staff of certified nursing assistants. Lincoln Glen Nursing Facility is fully staffed with professional activity and dietary staff, qualified therapists, a social service professional and all necessary support staff.