Long Description of Floor Plans for Manor and Assisted Living Facilities

We offer three different types of floor plans for Manor and Assisted Living residents

1. Cottages for Independent Living

Cottage Floor Plan.

The Cottages are small separate houses in a park-like setting on a large section of the same property with other Lincoln Glen Facilites. Single residents or couples who seek an indepentent but small unit that allows privacy, lots of amenities and the comforts of home.

The floor plan begins at the entryway/foyer.

The bathroom is on the left and includes a shower/bathtub, toilet and vanity with storage.
On the right is the bedroom.(10'6" wide X 14'8" long) and includes a single closet.

Continuing down the Foyer, the galley style kitchen is after the bathroom on the left. Small apartment style kitchen cabinets and the sink are both located on the outer wall. A refrigerator/freezer and stove line the wall opposite the sink.

The dining area is outside of the kitchen and will accommodate a small four-place dining room table and chairs. The dining area is 8' X 8'.

The remaining open area opposite the dining area and after the bedroom is the living room with space for a couch and small coffee table, floor lamp, small cabinet, a living room chair and other furniture items, television, small desk. The living area includes a storage closet. The Living Room is 12'6" long X 14' wide.

Outside there is a patio where residents plant gardens and flowers, set up patio furniture and enjoy our warm weather.

Each cottage includes an outside storage closet on the bedroom wall.

The entire floor plan is 27' 2" long X 22' wide.

The Assisted Living Facility provides small apartments for residents who want to share their meals with other residents or who may need some accommodation for physical comfort and well-being. The two-story apartment building between the cottages and the central administrative facility which includes the dining hall, offers two residential options.

2. Assisted Living Facility - Studio Apartments for residents

Assisted Living Facility - Studio Floorplan

After entering the Assisted Living Facility, residents enter the studio from the large reception area on the main floor or from the second floor hallway. On the right is the bathroom with toilet, vanity with storage and shower. The bathroom is 5' wide X 7' long. The Dressing Room Closet is on the opposite wall. This space is also 5' wide X 7' long.

Following the entry hall between the bathroom and dressing closet is the Living/Sleeping Space which is 12'6" long and 16' wide. This space allows for a folding couch or bed, lamps a small table and lounge chair in a sitting area.

These studio apartments include a patio for outdoor seating, plants and flowers and more.

The entire unit is 19' 6" long X 16' wide.

3. Assisted Living Facility - 1 Bedroom Apartments for single residents or couples

Assisted Living Facility 1 Bedroom Apartment Floorplan

After entering the Assisted Living Facility, residents enter a 1-bedroom apartment from the large reception area on the main floor or from the second floor hallway. 

The bathroom is on the right and includes a shower, the toilet, a vanity with storage and utility closet. The bathroom is 7' long X about 6' wide.

On the left, the bedroom includes a full width closet on the inner wall. The bedroom is large enough to accommodate a queen bed, night tables and dresser or television stand. The Bedroom dimensions are 9'6" wide X 14'6" long.

Back in the center the entry hall or foyer ends in the living room. The living room provides enough space for a couch, coffee table, end table or lamp, easy chair with a small table or lamp stand. The living room dimensions are 13'6" long X 12' wide.

From the living room, residents have access to the patio which has two sections. The wider right hand section is narrow, about 4' long X 12' wide. The left hand side of the patio is longer and suitable for chairs, table or other patio items. This side of the patio is about 6' long X 9'6" wide.

The entire apartment is 20'6" long X 21' 6" wide.